The Xerox INKjet-setters: Lo?c Lefebvre - Groupe Diffusion Plus

See why Lo?c Lefebvre, business development director for France-based Groupe Diffusion Plus, believes production inkjet is the best and most cost-effective technology for his business.


Why invest in inkjet?

“You can now have the ability to do on paper what you’ve done for many, many years on the web: personalization, 1:1, segmentation,” says Lefebvre. “The technology’s ready. It’s the best cost-efficiency technology.”

What is now possible with inkjet technology?

For many years, people handling marketing communications for companies were told it was not possible to do what they wanted to do with inkjet—that the quality was not good enough or the cost was too high. But Xerox production inkjet printers are changing all that. Lefebvre’s goal now is to convince his customers anything is possible with inkjet. Especially since cost is down and quality has improved.

How do you maximize the power of inkjet?

“For me, inkjet and paper has become a VIP, premium substrate, and communication tool, but it has to be considered in a mix of communication where you have digital, you have paper, you have social networks, you have big data, you have something complete in terms of communication,” Lefebvre says. “You have to find the appropriate area where the paper will be more powerful than the digital, and of course it’s possible.”

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